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DMW Trailers, Made in New Zealand

DMW Trailers, Made in New Zealand | Haines Hunter

For many decades Haines Hunter has built boats known for one thing above all, a feature you can actually feel when you’re out on the water. The legendary Haines Hunter ride!

When you're transporting your boat, it's equally important to ensure that your trailer provides a secure and compliant ride for your boat.

For that reason Haines Hunter's trailer of choice is a DMW Premier Series trailer. Available in single and tandem axle configurations, DMW Trailers are manufactured at a purpose-built factory in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Each trailer is manufactured to the highest standard and comes with a 5 Year Structural Warranty on the chassis, and a 1 Year Warranty on all components.

Trojan trailer components and all parts and accessories used, are chosen for the high standard required for use.

The trailers can be specified with light truck wheels and tyres, or mag wheels. There is also the option of fitting a Balex self-loading system. Balex is an automatic retrieval system that makes loading and unloading your boat a breeze. You don't even have to get your feet wet!

Other trailer options include spare wheels, and wheel brackets, as well as stainless steel rotors. For more information speak to an authorised Haines Hunter dealer.

Care for your trailer

For a long, safe and trouble-free trailering experience, it is recommended to do the following:

Use plenty of fresh water, the more the better

Always wash all of the trailer with lots of fresh water after use in salt water. This could mean washing the trailer whilst washing the boat, or if possible, submersing the trailer into a freshwater lake or river as this is an even better way of rinsing all of the trailer and components including the inside of the RHS side frames/cross members etc. The inside of the chassis and cross-members can be cleaned out by inserting a hose into the drain holes. It is even a good idea to have a bottle of water in your vehicle that you can quickly spray over the most critical areas after you have launched your boat before you go out boating for the day. The sun baking the salt onto your trailer and its components for 6-8 hours while you are on the water is where a lot of the damage is done. The MORE fresh water the better!

Correct tyre pressure is very important

Tyres must be checked on a regular basis for damage or deterioration; pressures must be checked often and kept up to the high side of manufacturer’s recommendations. Under inflated tyres will cause sidewall damage and the tyres to wear out quicker than they should. In most cases DMW fit light truck tyres that can be inflated higher than regular car tyres. Check the sidewall of the tyre or the DMW serial plate for the correct inflation pressure of your tyres. A good idea is to be within 5 PSI of the maximum pressure especially when your boat is loaded up full of gear.

Bearing Buddies (If fitted)

Bearing Buddies are a great way to protect your trailer bearings from salt, dirt and water. They retain grease and pressure inside the hub with an easy grease nipple available for greasing, the negative to this is that because of its easy access people tend to grease them too often, this tends to “overfill” the hub, so much that it can pop out the inner seal and obviously let water into the hub. The secret is to only grease enough to retard the spring loaded plate enough to give pressure inside the hub.

Winches, hubs, couplings, jockey wheels and rollers all need to be checked and greased where appropriate and also kept free from corrosion.

For more information visit the DMW website→