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The Ride Just Gets Better

Designed and built in New Zealand, Haines Hunter boats are known for one thing above all, a feature you can actually feel when you’re out on the water. The legendary Haines Hunter ride!

The Haines Hunter Difference

Inspired design, breakthrough innovation, unmatched craftsmanship. In a Haines Hunter, the ride just gets better!

The Haines Hunter Difference

Superior Construction

Hand made attention to detail and more than 70 years experience come together in the Haines Hunter factory to deliver true artisan boat building.

Unrivalled Performance

Exhilarating handling delivers the thrills while superb control, at all speeds, fills owners with confidence.

Secure Seakeeping

Coastguard CPC rated, Marine Industry approved sealed buoyancy compartments, incredibly strong and rigid hull.

Great Versatility

Fishing, skiing, wake boarding or just chilling with the family, a Haines Hunter adapts to just about any activity on water.

75 years and counting

They say you can’t buy experience but every Haines Hunter comes with more than 75 years of refined design, construction and testing built-in. Our craftsmen have passed on their skills from one generation to the next, embraced innovation along the way and cherry-picked the best new technologies. Of course, it also means we’ve received decades of customer feedback, which is another reason why the ride just gets better!

Built to Last

There’s a good reason why you see so many seasoned Haines Hunters out and about. They’re built tough! In fact, Haines has a significantly higher fibre-to-resin ratio in its hull construction than some competitors - adding strength and reducing weight. What’s more, transoms, a critical area of any boat’s construction, are built to eliminate flexing under load – very reassuring when you’re offshore in challenging conditions.

Optimal use of materials

On board a Haines Hunter, everything you see, as well as everything you don’t see, has been selected for its high quality and performance. For example, decks and bulkheads use a foam core sandwiched between an inner and outer skin. This technique is used in high performance racing boats and reduces weight compared to other construction methods – improving fuel economy without compromising on strength and durability.

Deep V Hull Design

A precise 21°, Haines Hunter’s Deep V provides the smoothest possible ride because the hull knifes cleanly through waves rather than pounding on them. Furthermore, the hull has longitudinal “strakes” providing lift and throwing spray away from the boat, keeping the deck dry. All in all, the Deep V makes a huge difference to the comfort of all on board.

Handlaid GRP Construction

Hull construction is a highly skilled craft that demands attention to detail. That’s why this integral structural component of a Haines Hunter is made from GRP, Glass Reinforced Plastic, and laid by hand. It’s very time-consuming process but known to result in superior strength, rigidity and longevity. Until a better construction method comes along, our craftsmen will continue to ply their trade in this time-honoured fashion. At Haines Hunter, there are no shortcuts.

More to the ride
Than meets the eye

The ride just gets better | Haines Hunter

Haines Flair

A trademark design feature, the hull’s distinctive flair keeps spray out and ensures a more comfortable ride.

Longitudinal Strakes

Provide lift and throw spray away from the boat while ensuring it also runs true in a following sea.

Stability at Rest

At anchor, a Haines Hunter hull’s low centre of gravity helps keep the boat stable with less “rock ‘n’ roll.”

21° Deep V

Precise 21° Deep V hull design enables the boat to knife cleanly through waves rather than pounding on them.

Made in New Zealand

As well as being manufactured in New Zealand, many fittings and features aboard a Haines Hunter are also sourced here. Stainless rails, rod holders and fuel tanks are all manufactured by trusted local suppliers as is the durable, comfortable foam cushioning beneath the seating. However, if we can’t find it here, we’ll go to the end of the earth in search of quality. Switches from the USA, curved glass from Ireland, we source the best wherever it is!

Security at Sea

At Haines Hunter, safety comes first. That’s why we pay so much attention to the hull design and the manufacturing process. If there’s a stronger, more rigid trailer boat on the market, we’ve yet to see it. In addition, all Haines Hunter boats are built with sealed buoyancy compartments and are compliant with Marine Industry standards. No wonder all our boats are Coastguard CPC certified!

Fittings & Furnishings

To experienced boat owners, stepping aboard a Haines Hunter awakens a feeling of quality. Underfoot, Ultralon decking is comfortable and offers reassuring grip. The many standard fixtures, fittings and appointments give a sense of understated luxury. And the gleaming finish is something to behold thanks to top of the range ISO-PRO Gel Coat. It’s precision film thickness, won’t peel off and you can even cut and buff out scratches.

True Measure

While many boat manufacturers include overhangs in the measure of their boats Haines Hunter will only ever give you what we call True Measure. For example, if you purchase a Haines Hunter 660, it will measure 6.6 metres from bow to the stern and not include the bowsprit. At the end of the day, you get more boat for your money with a Haines Hunter.

Hand made
attention to detail

In an age when just about everything is made by machine, it’s nice to know some things are still lovingly made by the hands of genuine craftsmen.

Artisan Boat Building | Haines Hunter

Artisan Boat Building

The tradition of building boats by hand will never be lost at Haines Hunter because it’s not only the best way to build a boat, it’s what we genuinely love doing.

One Man, One Boat | Haines Hunter

One Man, One Boat

At Haines Hunter, one person takes responsibility during the finishing process of each boat. This ensures attention to detail, quality workmanship and engenders genuine pride of “ownership” in the finished product.

Home Grown Legend

Like many of New Zealand’s favourite brands, Haines Hunter is a home grown success story born from Kiwi ingenuity.

70 Years Young | Haines Hunter

70 Years Young

Established near the shores of Hauraki Gulf in Auckland more than 70 years ago, Haines Hunter is renowned nationwide. From the Bay of Islands to Lake Taupo, Wellington Harbour to Milford Sound, you can bank on seeing Haines Hunters on our waters in another 70 years.

Made in NZ, for NZ | Haines Hunter

Made in NZ, for NZ

A calm and inviting stretch of New Zealand water can often turn choppy and uncomfortable in the blink of an eye. That’s why Haines Hunter places so much emphasis on design and build quality. Every boat is made for our country’s unique, challenging conditions.

National Dealer Network | Haines Hunter

National Dealer Network

Our growing network of dealers means you can check out a Haines Hunter not too far from home. When it comes to boating, our dealers take pride in helping you find the Haines of your dreams plus offer all the service and back up you require as a new owner.

Unrivalled Support | Haines Hunter

Unrivalled Support

Our customer support program is almost as legendary as the Haines Hunter name itself. Our comprehensive warranty is one of the best you’ll find anywhere in NZ and we go to great lengths to ensure your experience with Haines Hunter is as smooth as the ride itself.

Don’t just take our word for it, see what some of our happy customers have to say about their Haines Hunter.

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