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Haines Hunter - Made in New Zealand

Haines Hunter - Made in New Zealand | Haines Hunter

Haines Hunter boats are made right here in New Zealand, at our factory in the Auckland suburb of Ellerslie – you can even see it from the motorway!

In fact, we’ve been building boats on Cawley Street in Ellerslie for 75-years now.

It all started back in 1946 when Yeoman "Sandy" Sands return to NZ from WW2 and formed Sea Craft Ltd – which he established on Cawley Street, Ellerslie. The original boat-building factory manufactured oars and clinker built boats of varying sizes.

Things were a lot different back then. Cawley Street was a dirt road, and Ellerslie was largely farmland!

Fast forward seven and a half decades and we’re still on Cawley Street, they’ve sealed the road and there are a few more houses around but we’re still building New Zealand’s favourite boat brand - Haines Hunter.

Over the years, we’ve refined the precise 21°, Haines Hunter’s Deep Vee hull which provides the smoothest possible ride letting the hull knife cleanly through waves rather than pounding on them. Furthermore, the famous Haines Hunter hull has longitudinal “strakes” providing lift and throwing spray away from the boat, keeping the deck dry. All in all, the Deep Vee makes a huge difference to the comfort of all on board – a boat built by New Zealander’s for New Zealander’s – in New Zealand!

Haines Hunter boats are made in New Zealand

Kiwis like to do everything with their boat. From fishing to water skiing & wake boarding or just chilling with the family – our design team has ensured that any Haines Hunter adapts to just about any activity on water.

As well as being manufactured in New Zealand, many fittings and features aboard a Haines Hunter are also sourced here. Stainless rails, rod holders and fuel tanks are all manufactured by trusted local suppliers, as is the durable, comfortable foam cushioning beneath the seating.

They say you can’t buy experience but every Haines Hunter comes with more than 75-years of refined design, construction and testing built-in.

Our craftsmen have passed on their skills from one generation to the next, embraced innovation along the way and cherry-picked the best new technologies. Of course, it also means we’ve received decades of customer feedback, which is another reason why the ride just gets better!

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