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Making the Switch - Going from a ‘Tinnie’ to a proper boat

Making the Switch - Going from a ‘Tinnie’ to a proper boat | Haines Hunter

Thinking about making the switch from an aluminium boat to a fibreglass Haines Hunter? We spoke with Nick about what he loves about his new Haines.

Coming out of his old 6.0m ‘tinnie’, Nick upgraded to a new SF635 late last year and so far the new boat has really exceeded his expectations. 

“The Haines Hunter is just so smooth, and the hull seems to cut through the waves, rather than pushing or bouncing through it. Certainly I can notice the difference now, the ride is much drier and everyone onboard is a lot happier!”

Doing most of his boating with the family around the Hauraki Gulf, the increased performance from the 21 degree Haines Hunter hull has meant a more comfortable ride for those onboard, particularly when the conditions get rough.

“Compared to the aluminium boat, the ride is just so much better. We used to dread the trip home sometimes, as it would be a slog, especially if it was rough, which it usually is later in the afternoon. The boat doesn’t bang and crash around, so the wife and family are happier being onboard, and it means we can go further afield more comfortably."

“The hull design is just so much more efficient, so the motor isn’t working as hard. I’m doing a lot of the same trips that I have done in the old boat, and I’m using less fuel.”

“The Haines is a great family boat and we do lots of fishing as well…in comfort. When we are at rest, it’s quieter and doesn’t sound like you’re sitting inside a beer can!”

Nick says that when it came to specifying his boat, he was impressed with the list of options available from the factory.

“I’ve got all of the features and options I had on my last boat. I’ve got the live bait tank, the saltwater washdown, folding rocket launcher, and the removable bin seats. The boat is well setup for fishing, and I find it incredibly easy to clean up and wash down after a day of fishing, especially the Ultralon flooring underfoot which is a lot nicer than the treadplate, which could be a bit slippery at times.”

“Overall, the interior fitout is a lot nicer, the boat feels more welcoming when you step aboard. My wife and kids really likes the softer ride. The seating is superb for the family, allowing us to explore farther out into the gulf. I’m glad I made the switch, and have already started thinking about a bigger Haines sometime in the future.”

If you're considering a new boat, why not visit your nearest Haines Hunter dealer and discuss the options – or better still, book a test drive and experience the ride of a Haines Hunter, you won't be disappointed.