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SF600 Found in the UK

SF600 Found in the UK | Haines Hunter

We recently received a message on our Facebook page from Andy Parker in England:

“I thought you might like to know that one of your boats has made it to the UK and still going strong! I had not heard of your brand before until coming across this 2006 SF600 for sale two weeks ago. She’s in lovely condition and so far, enjoy it with the family and fishing on my own. Great little boat. All the best, Andy from the Solent, South Coast, UK.”

Andy fishing on his SF600 in the South Coast of England

Well, with a little bit of sleuthing, and some extra help from Andy, we’ve managed to find out, just how this SF600 (Serial #60347) ended up 18,500km away from where it was sold!

The boat was originally sold to a Mr Brian Hunter in October 2006 from our Auckland dealer, SeaCraft. It appears he kept the boat in Auckland for a few years, before having it shipped to the UK in March 2009. The boat’s new owner Andy finding the shipping documents when he bought the boat a few weeks ago!

Enjoy the boat Andy!

The family are excited for a day out on the boat!