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Want to get into Boat Building? Haines Hunter Want You!

Want to get into Boat Building? Haines Hunter Want You! | Haines Hunter

Like many before them, the latest group of apprentices have finished their training at Haines Hunter and are now fully qualified boat builders.

With a 75 year history of boat building in Ellerslie, they have a long line of training apprentices.

The latest group of five to reach the end of their apprenticeship, sees four of them trained as boat builders, with the fifth now a qualified marine technician working in the Haines Hunter HQ workshop fitting out new Haines Hunter boats and carrying out annual servicing on customer craft.

“We have been fortunate to have some very good apprentices over the years, and this latest group is no different,” says Haines Hunter Director, Lionel Sands.

The apprentices have completed their training through the MAST Academy (Marine and Specialised Technologies Academy) which was founded in August 2021 which takes over from the previous New Zealand Marine and Composites Industry Training Organisation (NZMAC ITO).

Haines Hunter has always been big advocates of apprentices, with dozens of young boat builders starting their career at the Ellerslie factory. Artisan boat building is a big focus, the tradition of building boats by hand will never be lost at Haines Hunter because it's not only the best way to build a boat it's what the team love doing.

Haines Hunter also has a one person, one boat approach to boat fit-out.

“One person takes responsibility during the finishing process of each boat. This ensures attention to detail, quality workmanship and engenders genuine pride of ‘ownership’ in the finished product.”

Sands says that following up this group of five that have completed their apprenticeship, there is another group coming through, but the company needs more apprentices.

“We’re always looking for new staff - We want young people coming into the industry, they bring new energy and new approaches. We’re looking for new apprentices as soon as we can, someone with the right attitude, happy to work and to be trained.”

With 75-years of boat building behind them, Haines Hunter is continuing to build what they call New Zealand’s best performing, practical, most desirable and most loved powerboat brand on the market.

“Boat building is a great career, it’s a qualification that you can take almost anywhere in the world. We still have some staff working here that trained as an apprentice 40-years ago, some of who have been away, and come back again.”

An apprenticeship at Haines Hunter encompasses all facets of the boat building process, from lamination, to fit out and finish, or a career in the Haines Hunter HQ workshop as a marine technician carrying out work on outboard motors and helping maintain other onboard systems.
If you’re interested in a career in boat building with Haines Hunter, send CV and Cover Letter to to apply →